SuperNaturalSkies1 features 26 alien, space and standard skybox texture sets for use in Unity


- Skies with alien features such as planets/moons visible non-earth based atmospheres
- Versions of some skies with alien features removed for earth based environments
- Two HD Earth from space skyboxes

Take command of your Battle Tank and ANNIHILATE the enemy!

Annihilator is a back to basics arcade top-down shooter. Go back in time to Ancient Egypt to save the future from the enemy and then travel to their home world on the Red Planet to exterminate the evil entirely.


- Two worlds to explore and cleanse from the enemy
- Multiple weapons, tank armour frames and special charging power abilities to collect!
- Arena mode featuring endless waves of enemies to pit your skills against
- Compete against other players Arena scores on Game Center 

Chill out and relax with this soothing lava lamp simulation! Watch the hot wax globules merge and stretch apart as they rise and fall. If you are feeling really active you can also nudge the lava blobs along a little with your fingers. Sometimes it helps get things going and if it doesn't then shaking the iPhone probably will! 

Behind the scenes LavaGlo uses a specially developed blob dynamics algorithm to make the lavalamp effect as realistic as possible without placing excessive drain on your iPhone's battery. 
LavaGlo also has a clock display especially for when you use in a dock on your desk or nightstand. If you want to listen to some music and a podcast in the background then that is possible too. 
Also you can change LavaGlo's colour at a whim choosing from deep red, cool blue, quirky green, luminous yellow or moody purple light. 


- Multi-touch blob manipulation, pull the lava apart and watch them wobble as you poke them.
- Allows playing of background music from iTunes.
- Includes an optional clock display.
- Nine colors giving you a vibrant and varied selection of appearance for the lava 

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